Home Learning

Homework has become a regular feature for pupils at Broadfield.  The homework will allow your child to practise skills learnt in school and can help them to become more confident about their schoolwork.  The type of homework set will alter as your child gets older, but will usually relate to Literacy and Mathematics taught that week.  Younger children will usually need some support with homework, but they will not be expected to undertake any type of work that they have not already covered in school.

By the time your child reaches Year 5 & 6, we hope that they will be able to organise their own studies and they should be able to do their homework with little or no help. Each child will be provided with a homework book which will include a record sheet. Please sign this weekly to confirm that your child has completed the tasks set.

School staff will always be on hand to provide any information or support that parents may need to help their children with homework. Please help your child by supporting their homework

Broadfield Primary School is keen to build up good relationships with parents as we believe that this will be of benefit to all children.  You can play your part in many ways:

  • Ensure your child attends school regularly and on time
  • Show an interest in your child’s school life
  • Attend parent’s evenings, productions and school events
  • Volunteer to help in school – offers of help are always appreciated
  • Support your child with their homework
  • Read each evening with your child

We send home regular newsletters to keep parents informed about school activities and events.  We hold two parent’s evenings each year (one in October and one in March).  To keep you up to date with your child’s progress twice a year we will send home a written report which outlines your child’s achievements.  We also have an annual questionnaire for parents to share their views and ideas with school.  You do not have to wait until the questionnaire is issued. If you have any suggestions, please speak to the Headteacher, Ms Stennett.

Ms Stennett is often available at the beginning and end of the school day if parents wish to have a short discussion. If a longer discussion is needed, please telephone for an appointment.

If anyone has a concern about their child please speak to the class teacher or Ms Stennett.  Please remember, however, teachers are very busy in the morning and often have training/extra curricular commitments after school.  If a longer discussion is necessary, please make an appointment by phoning school.