Rewards & Consequences

Verbal praise

Claps and pats on the back

Stickers for good work, effort and behaviour

Smiley faces, merits and/or stars on good work

Class trophy awarded to ‘Pupil of the Week’ in Friday assembly

Award winners are named on our regular newsletter

Dinnertime stickers – daily

Postcards sent home at the end of each half-term

Good work shown to Ms Stennett (Headteacher)

Very occasionally, children forget our rules for good behaviour and may behave inconsiderately towards others. Everyone at Broadfield Primary School has agreed to try to prevent this from happening by reminding pupils of the classroom rules and the Broadfield Values.  Sometimes this may not be enough and the following consequences will be applied:


Move to Amber and ‘Time Out’ if needed

Move to Red

‘Time Out’ in another classroom

If your child moves beyond consequence 4, you may be invited into school for a meeting.

The importance of good behaviour cannot be overestimated in our view. Governors, staff, children and parents are entitled to enjoy a happy, safe and supportive environment.

Pinnacle Learning Trust