Year 5 and 6 Home Learning

The following suggestions are to support parents with structuring a ‘learning day’, which we appreciate could be challenging.

Children have all been provided with an exercise book to record their learning and it is the expectation that an appropriate level of work be completed each day.

Exercise books can be personalised and prizes will be given for excellent work. A high standard of presentation is expected.

If you want to demonstrate learning in an alternative way e.g. presentations, models, posters, then please share these with us using the following email:

Please also allow plenty of time for movement breaks and physical activity.

Also please encourage your children to drink plenty of water.


Reading          Spelling and Grammar          Writing          Mathematics          Other

For children involved with flutes and violins: School Music Service


Year 5 and 6
30 minutes 20 minutes 45 minutes 20 minutes 40 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes
Reading (E.g. comprehension) Spelling and Grammar BREAK Writing Activity BREAK Arithmetic / Time Tables Mathematics LUNCH Independent Learning

(Topic / Science)

BREAK Activities / Reading for Pleasure / REVISION

Explanation of work to complete and websites to visit from home – Independent learning booklet information

For help explaining mathematical processes from Year 5 – Year 5 Maths Prompt Sheet

For help explaining mathematical processes from Year 6 – Year 6 Maths Prompt Sheet

Vocabulary Prompt Sheet

Measure Prompt Sheet

Shape And Space Prompt Sheet

Fractions Prompt Sheet

Calculation Prompt Sheet

Year 5 and 6 Spellings

Times Tables:

3 Times Tables          4 Times Tables          6 Times Tables          7 Times Tables

8 Times Tables          9 Times Tables          11 Times Tables         12 Times Tables

Useful websites

Ttrockstars – A great way to practise your times tables. You can either try to beat your best time or compete against other people.

Purple Mash – Great activities for the children for a range of subjects
For instructions on how to log in to purplemash click here

Keeping Fit With Broadfield click HERE

Body Coach TV channel on youtube from Monday 23rd March will be uploading daily P.E. lessons to keep children active –