Pupil Premium

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Broadfield Pupil Premium Grant

Broadfield Primary School Pupil Premium Allocation

Broadfield Primary School Pupil Premium Allocation – (Based on Financial Year Apr-March)
2017-2018 £137,200

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All staff will be aware of who Pupil Premium children are.

All staff will understand the needs of Pupil Premium children and under achievement will be addressed at all levels – not just underachieving.

We will have high expectations for all children.

We will adopt a ‘solutions focused’ approach to overcoming barriers and to close the attainment gap.

We will address the gap in the social, emotional and pastoral needs of children through opportunities to improve and enrich the experiences that the pupils have at school.

We will use best practice in research (Sutton Trust 2011) and feedback from other schools to make informed, creative and tailored choices on the most effective way for our pupils to use our Pupil Premium Funding.

Objectives of Pupil Premium Spending

Improving quality of teaching

Reduce class sizes and provide targeted teaching

Eliminate barriers to learning and progress by increasing learning time

Reduce/eliminate the impact of starting at school with lower than average attainment on entry through early interventions

Working closely with families to develop better home routines, provide English classes and give overall support including demonstrating play and reading with children

Provide outdoor experiences and opportunities outside of the curriculum to develop the whole child

Create an environment of high aspirations and expectations

Encouraging individuals to be responsible learners and to create a supportive learning environment

Provide Individualised support where this is best fit with the needs of the child

Monitor and Evaluate Pupil Spending and provide evidence and reports to show how this has had a positive impact on our children


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