Shared Home Learning

Aydin, Y4, UK Geography

Sayhan, Y4

Subhaan, Y3

Tayyibah, Nursery

Zayn, Reception, 1+2-Goldilocks and the 3 bears, 3-Adding and subtracting, 4-Phonics

Rehan, Reception, 1+2-Helping make rice, 3+4-Reading

Daniella, Reception, 1,2+3-Phonics and writing, 4-Maths (Shapes), 5+6-Ordering numbers 1 to 30

Hashim, Y2, Topic – Dinosaurs

Eiliyah and Mikaeel, Reception,  1-Easter Crafts, 2-Spiders, 3+4-Reading

Seher, Reception, 1-Using Lego For MAths, 2-Painting Flowers, 3+4-Writing Numbers

Subhaan, Y3, Continents

Noor-ul-Houda, Year 1/2, 1-Making a dinosaur model, 2-Design and make a dinosaur mask, 3-Dinosaur fact file, 4-Researching dinosaur diets

The children who have been in school drew and painted trees and blossoms in their art lesson.

Treyden, Y3, Blue Abyss Independent Learning

Jawad, Acorns, 1-Making a Police Badge, 2-Making a Police Car From Playdough, 3-Making a Spider

Zayyan, Acorns, Painting

Enoch, Acorns, Reading

Ayaan, Acorns, Writing Using Pinchy Parrot Grip

Subhaan, Y3, Monkey Habitat and Facts

Noor-Ul-Houda, Y1/2, T-Rex Facts

Rachel, Y3, Lego Model of a Camera

Sharifan, Y2, 1,2+3 – Making Dinosaur Feet, 4 – How to Keep Clean Instructions

Razia, Y3/4, 1,2-Plastic Pollution, 3,4,7-Topic Egypt, 5,6-SPAG, 8- Maths

Hashim, Y2, Topic – 1/2/3/4 Making Dinosaur Feet, 5/6/7/8 Making a Papier Mache Dinosaur Egg and Nest, 9 Dinosaur Facts

Esther, Reception, Art

Subhaan, Y3, How Sound Travels

Rehan, Y1, Keeping Active
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Daniella, Reception, Purple Mash

Rehan, Reception, Writing About His Favourite Food

Mayar, Year 3, 1-Diary Entry, 2-Topic

Jonathon, Year 5, Topic

Subhaan, Year 3

Ayub, Year 5

Aliyah, Year 3


Razia Year 3 Ancient Rome Work


Maryam, Year 1, Maths

Rehan Y1 Comprehension          Rehan Y1 Maths

Year 6, Sports Week

Rachel, Year 3

Safa, Year 3, Independent Learning and Maths

Hassan and Hussain, Year 3

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