Our Curriculum

At Broadfield, our aim is to provide opportunities for children to develop as confident, articulate and well-rounded children who can succeed as individuals and contribute to their community and the wider world. Our curriculum offers a range of experiences which contribute to every child receiving an engaging, balanced and broad curriculum which encompasses British values. We want children to be able to apply the skills and knowledge they gain during their time at Broadfield to every aspect of their life. We also think that it is important that our pupils need to develop their resilience and independence so that they are ready for the challenges of the curriculum and their next phase of education

Our school’s values of belief, respect, our community, aspirations, diversity, friendship, inclusion, equality, learning and determination are emphasised throughout the curriculum.

Curriculum Implementation

Due to mixed aged classes, we follow a 2 year planning cycle which teaches skills and knowledge in discreet subject areas. Within our curriculum, we have enquiry drivers and enquiry enhancers. The drivers are History, Geography and Science and the enhancers are Art, Design Technology, Music and Dance.

We have designed, organised and planned our curriculum and teaching to ensure that children are not just covering national curriculum content, but achieving a depth to their learning, which enables them to use their knowledge skills and understanding in all areas of the curriculum.

We give children the opportunity to develop and retain knowledge across a range of topics using simmering. We build on key concepts, year by year allowing the children to make links.

In addition to the well planned curriculum, we have specialist teaching in PE and Music. This enables us to utilise expertise to raise the quality of learning in these subjects. All children in Lower Key Stage 2 have swimming lessons. Children in Upper Key Stage 2 have the opportunity to access a residential trip.

Each subject is driven by a subject leader who monitors the progress of our children. This is done by:

  • Speaking to children
  • Looking at their books

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