Holiday Dates

From September 2013, holidays taken during term will not be authorised. This is due to new government legislation. Parents who choose to take their child on holidays will have to pay a penalty notice (fine) of £60 within 21 days; and this will rise to £120 if paid within 22-28 days of the notice being issued.

It is therefore very important that parents share the school calendar with family members, so that celebrations can be arranged during the school holidays. Please do not book holidays without coming to speak the Headteacher, as these will go down as unauthorised. If there is anything that you are unsure about, then please speak to the Headteacher.

School Holidays 2022-2023

HolidaySchool ClosesSchool Re-opens
SummerFriday 22nd July 2022Tuesday 6th September 2022
Half TermFriday 21st October 2022Monday 31st October 2022
ChristmasFriday 16th December 2022Wednesday 4th January 2023
Half TermFriday 10th February 2023Monday 20th February 2023
EasterFriday 31st March 2023Monday 17th April 2023
Bank HolidayFriday 28th April 2023Tuesday 2nd May 2023
Half TermFriday 26th May 2023Monday 5th June 2023
EidThursday 29th June 2023Monday 3rd July 2023
SummerFriday 21st July 2023TBC