Sports Premium

Broadfield Primary School – Sports Premium

Our Sports Premium Strategy document can be viewed below (based on academic year September to July): 

Sports Premium spending 2020-2021
Sports Premium spending 2019-2020
Sports Premium spending 2018-2019
Sports Premium spending 2017-2018

Broadfield Sports Premium Grant

Broadfield Primary School Sports Premium Allocation

Broadfield Primary School Sports Premium Allocation – (Based on Financial Year Apr-March)

Broadfield Sport Premium Grant Aims

All staff will be aware of Sports Premium funding and its rationale

We will have high expectations for all children in PE

We will adopt a ‘solutions focused’ approach to overcoming barriers – working within our collaborative of schools

We will use best practice in research and feedback from other schools, to make informed, creative and tailored choices on the most effective way for our pupils to use our Sports Premium Funding

Objectives of Sport Premium Spending

To increase participation in PE and competitive sport

To broaden the sporting opportunities available to all our pupils – ensuring extra- curricular activities offered are varied and inclusive

To increase attendance at after school clubs

To improve the quality of PE provision

To empower our pupils to meet life’s challenges

Improving quality of teaching

Create an environment of high aspirations and expectations

Monitor and Evaluate Sports Premium Spending and provide evidence and reports to show how this has had a positive impact on our children


To increase participation in PE and competitive sport

Broadfield has always entered lots of competitions in various sports through our cluster and for Borough games, but we are concentrating on specific levels as well now to ensure we can achieve Sainsbury’s Sports Awards.

Each year we enter the Gymnastics Competition. It is a very precise technical competition even in KS1. Each year we are making big improvements. Last year we got through to the Borough Games. We have previously focussed on Gymnastics as an area of training which encouraged staff to use PE apparatus and carry out gymnastics lessons confidently

To broaden the sporting opportunities available to all our pupils – ensuring extra-curricular activities offered are varied and inclusive

Children’s University was completed for year 5 and 6. This year we have increased it to year 3 and 4.

We keep a record of all the hours children do as extra activities within school and outside school. Each child has a passport which is stamped regularly showing what activities they participated in.

We promoted clubs for girls. Every half term we did a physical activity that was a ‘girls only’ club to encourage them to participate. We asked them what types of clubs they wanted. This worked as more girls came to afterschool and lunchtime clubs.

To improve the quality of PE provision and PE teaching

Using videoing and coaching programmes help children to improve their techniques. This has been a really effective way of using ICT.

We have had staff training on how to deliver an outstanding PE lesson and have adopted their’ 5 minute’ plan lessons. We have observed staff from our local High School doing PE and they have observed and advised staff at our school.

We have a gymnastic specialist who teaches gymnastics and runs an after school club

Children in Year 6 have Heart start lesson which are invaluable. They learn how to help someone in medical distress.

Empowering Learners to Meet Life Challenges

We do Change for Life Clubs earmarking children who don’t do physical activity. Last year’s group enjoyed this club as they could choose what they wanted to do and were encouraged to have a go.

We have achieved Silver status in Sainsbury’s sports award. This year we have set out to achieve GOLD

Future Plans

To continue to ensure the extracurricular activities offered are varied and inclusive – including lunchtimes and before school

We have a more varied range of activities at lunchtime and encourage girls and different children to participate who might not access after school clubs.

Continue to work closely with Hathershaw School

Continue to enter all cluster competitions (level 2) at KS1 and 2.

Continue to enter level 2 Borough competitions for competitions in Lacrosse, Water Polo and Gymnastics.

Continue to enter level 3 competitions in Boccia and Gymnastics

Continue PE newsletter – report every fortnight (instead of termly) in the school

Newsletter and have a webpage on the school website for match reports.

For the webpage we will ask children to write reports to go onto the website

Continue to promote extra-curricular activities and clubs by the use of Children’s University