School Council

To become part of the school council, all children from years 3-6 were invited to apply by writing a letter stating why they thought they would be a good candidate. The next step was a mini interview with Mrs Despard where they had to discuss which of our school values were most important to them and why. The candidates were then dwindled down to 4 per class. At this stage the children presented their case to their classes (who then took part in a democratic secret ballot).

The following children were selected. At our first meeting, they voted between themselves and Sahel from Ash Class was voted as Chairman. The councillors meet regularly with Mrs Despard and so far this year we have decided on our charities (Children in Need and a local Hospice called Graces Place). We have begun to create a list of fundraising activities. As our project this year we have also decided that we would like to focus on the cleaning up of our wider school environment. Our councillors place boxes in the classrooms to ensure the any ideas, or concerns, from their classes are brought up to council meetings.

Meet our councillors:


Proud to be a part of PLT