Acorns Home Learning Week 12

Hi Everyone over the next few weeks we will be learning about fairies!!!!

Please find attached lots of different fairy activities you can try at home.

See if you can get your child to draw a fairy.

Can you make a fairy house. I have attached some pictures to give you some ideas.

Play eye spy using the fairy picture scene attached. Can your child point to the correct picture? Can they ask you to find a picture?

Try making fairy cupcakes- instructions are attached.

In Mathematics we are learning how to touch and count objects. You can do this with your child by gathering different objects from around your house. Encourage your child to point to each object one at a time and count them. Can they touch and count up to 3 objects? Can they touch and count up to 5 objects? Keep going!!!
I have also attached some fairies for your child to touch and count.

See how many activities you can try this week?

Don’t forget please please please upload pictures and videos.

Thank you Acorn staff

Count The Fairies

Fairy Scene

Fairy instruction Card

Fairy Months Of The Year

Fairy Cake Recipe

Milk Carton Fairy House