Acorns Home Learning Week 11

Hi Everyone Hope your still enjoying learning about dinosaurs?

I have attached a link for you and your child to watch. Its the story of dinosaurumpus!

See if you can get your child to draw one of the dinosaurs from the story!!!

Can your child use a pinchy parrot and follow the dinosaur trail. See document attached.

I have also added another document that will help your childs listening skills. Its a game of musical statues!!!

Try making a dinosaur using paints and your childs hand!!. Take a look at the ideas I have attached.

Why not try making food look like a dinosaur? I have some pictures attached to give you some ideas!!!

Dont forget please please please upload pictures or videos of the things you have done at home with your child. We love to see the things you have done!!!

Mathematics- We will be continuing to recognise our numbers 0-10. I have attached numbered dinosaur you could either print out or draw some on a piece of paper. See if your child can match the numbers on the dinosaurs. Can they recognise any numbers? If your child can already recognise numbers to 10 try to 15!!!

Phonics: Don’t forget to keep practicing your jolly phonics actions.

We will continue to upload home learning activities onto Tapestry.

We will be also posting packs out soon with little activities you can do at home. Inside will also be a pack of crayons, scissors, and pencils.

Communication and Language

Handprint Dinosaur

Dinosaur Food

Dinosaur Numbers

Dinosaur Number Formation

Dinosaur Pencil Control Worksheet

Dinosaur Photos

Dinosaurumpus Link